Motivasi Kehidupan

Motivation of Life A man is stranded in a desert, he walks so far that he finds a stream, then tired and very thirsty he drinks. Suddenly when he drank somehow the water he drank turned into sand the man was immediately spit on the sand it turns out he was back again where the first place where he was stranded first. Then with a sense of wonder he was trying to walk again and he went back to the river and then with thirst he returned intend to drink the river water back. As he was about to drink he remembered the first time he drank the water. However, because of thirst he was trying to drink the river water. But this time he tried to drink the river water in a different way, he thought that if he drank the water in a different way the incident that he experienced was not going to happen again.But his mind was wrong, he was still stranded in the same place and also what he drank it turned into a clump of sand, he again spit out the sand. Then he walked back, as he walked ag…

About Xiomi Phone

Xiaomi Smartphone now has become important to other people including Me. I have a smartphone brandname Xiaomi redmi 2, Xiaomi is have Various color like black, white and gold.
 This is the sample picture phone Xiaomi, Like my phohe ;)
          Smartphone xiaomi is have many application that was helpful for example : Gmail, google maps, calculator, explorer, notes, recorder, camera phone, and calendar.
you know what?
this is  my fisrt blog